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 Post Posted: Tuesday, 22. December 2015, 19:08:05 
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hi there,

first for clarification: the energy ball i was suggesting to replace intervention didn't have a healing component; so it would have been a death zone needing some time to set up (at least against single enemies).

now to angel dance: it seems i'll have to give this spell another chance since it does seem to be a nice dmg skill for int seraphs. guess i just still remember the times when it cleansed you from your buffs.

moving on: with all the talk about replacing skills and guardian angel being too strong on certain builds and probably hard to balance there would be a simple suggestion we didn't touch on yet: erase this skill and give seraph a new one. i'm afraid i can't give much input as to what kind of spell it should be (depending of course on what builds it should support) but i quite liked psycho's idea of a togglable skill that can both dmg and heal so i would maybe go from there (the other notes in his tl;dr should also be considered).

another idea for rebalancing guardian angel could be to make it last really shortly (1 sec) and give it a shorter cd. that way seraph's gameplay when taking this skill would be much more intense/reactive as you would have to block huge hits instead of just "activate and take your sweet time killing the enemy flock".
or it could maybe stay as is and just not depend on spellheal but i think that would be the most boring option.

finally as a friendly reminder seeing as this thread moved to balancing/ideas about seraph as a whole and primarily guardian angel the original poster actually wanted to discuss int seraph and ways to get it back on track; so if you have any input regarding that feel free to post.


 Post Posted: Tuesday, 22. December 2015, 22:11:49 
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I was under the impression, that I had lengthily discussed important spells to active int Seraph builds.

A short CD on Guardian Angel will make it entirely ineffective without builds, that specifically boost its duration.
Having it not depend on spellheal reduces its capabilities for support builds and essentially renders it useless for almost any other uses than a short time bubble for oneself.

In general however, Guardian Angel, due to its balancing difficulties with absolute values, potential stat dependent bonus, and difficult-to-handle spell heal balance, is one of the best candidates to be replaced by a new ability.
Finally, if it is possible, spell heal could offer a "diminishing" return on the duration, effectively resulting in a proportional increase of average survivability rather than inversely proportional.
I.e. default active time is now 4 / 20 seconds, which would be a 25% average survivabiilty increase, so 185% spell heal should not result in 11.4 / 20 seconds (133% increased average survivability), but rather 8.32 / 20 seconds, which is an appropriate average survivability increase of 71.25%.

Relative active base time:
4 s / 20 s = 20%

Relative inactive base time:
100% - 20% = 80%

Relative damage mitigation (damage taken before / damage taken after):
100% / 80% = 125%

Damage mitigation bonus:
125% - 100% = 25%

Linear application of maximum spell heal to damage mitigation bonus:
25% * (100% + 185%) = 71.25%

Desired relative damage mitigation:
100% + 71.25% = 171.25%

Relative inactive time after applied desired damage mitigation:
100% / 171.25% = 58.39%

Total inactive time:
20 s * 58.39% = 11.68 s

Resulting duration of buff:
20 s - 11.68 s = 8.32 s

I can supply formulae to calculate this diminishing return directly, if necessary.

I see your point about Energy Ball as a replacement for Intervention, if it has no healing effect (for old times' sake, the name could be different :D ). However, there are still some problems. It will not provide burst, and it will not provide high single target damage. Since Intervention is also very focused on a single area, I cannot argue, that it does not fit high movement any less than its predecessor.

After my analysis, I personally would enjoy seeing int Seraph as an unconventional single target dps, since there seem to be some previously unused capabilities. This branch may require a certain touch to truly flourish.

It makes all the more sense to focus active Seraph playstyle on single target, since through Righteous Fury and Bash Of Light, there already is a sustained AoE damage for int builds, but this is passive.

The way the abilities work seems to suggest, that Righteous Fury and active abilities would be used in turn. This sounds very nice, but does not work through itemisation. The active abilities lose tremendously with the need for attack speed for Righteous Fury, and as casting blocks attacks, it is unthinkable to keep casting while it is active.

While I mention Righteous Fury, I will take this opportunity to again remind everyone reading this, that Bash Of Light is severely underpowered without any spell power, both for offensive and defensive use (and adding spell power does not help much either since it only works in Righteous Fury (read: attack speed based) builds, which inherently lack the very same).

Thus, I overall recommend to further develop the two branches of an attack speed dependent int Seraph for sustained AoE damage and spell power dependent int Seraph for burst single target damage through slight tweaks at spells, that are not directly related to the builds (aside from the changes, that I have already mentioned).

Edit1: P.S.: It seemed, that we went offtopic, because I have been under the impression, that Seraph was lacking AoE damage, when the author of this thread was dementing the lack of single target damage instead, which in hindsight I cannot quite comprehend. I have not tried every single enemy, but I could not find one, that would not allow me to hit it with all procs of Angel Dance. Hit boxes are relatively large, but pathing boxes are quite small.

Sometimes it helps to read the brackets after finishing reading the sentence... realising this while writing posts as I seem to use them often.

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