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 Post Posted: Tuesday, 05. May 2015, 23:45:57 
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Favorite Class: Elemental Mage
I will gather my various suggestions here, successively adding them in as I work them out or have time and motivation to post them. Also, I will state my opinions regarding the changes that were made.


Elemental Mage:
Changes Made:
  1. Explo:
    • Cooldown increase
    A reasonable change with respect to the Elemental Mages former movability. Even with this and Wave, EM probably still holds the position as the most mobile class concerning abilities (arithmetical proof pending).
  2. Fireball:
    • Cooldown reduction
    Since a Fireball hit does not depend on cooldown anyway, this is a lower punishment for not hitting with it. As that can indeed be considered a challenge, it is a reasonabe slight buff. I have additional ideas, that I will post below.
  3. Freeze:
    • Increased base damage
    • Decreased int dependent damage
    A small buff for non-int builds and a rather large nerf for high int builds, which in my opinion fails its purpose to reduce int build damage overall. Freeze can and should be nerfed, but not necessarily that far.
  4. Static Chains:
    • AoE reduction
    • Manacost increase
    Both can be considered good changes, however Static Chains still does a lot of damage in addition to its very useful side effect.
  5. Thunderbolt:
    • Range reduction
    • Cooldown increase
    The reduced range is very reasonable, as it exceeded almost all (if not all) ranges of other abilities with no justification as far as I am aware of it. The Cooldown increase seemed to be intended to reduce the constant DPS of Elemental Mage.
    However, there are two problems with it. One is, that while EM may have had the highest sustained AoE dps overall, that was not the reason, why EM was considered to be overpowered. Instead, the power of EM derives from huge bursts, that stem from combining the cooldowns of 6 active spells. At this point, cooldown increases even to abilities with higher cooldowns would be fairly irrelevant.
    The other problem is, that the cooldown increase in and of itself for Thunderbolt is not the adequate tool to reduce sustained AoE damage. A quick test with macros yielded a result of roughly 25% fewer hits, which however also means 25% less mana consumption and 25% fewer required activity.
    The mana consumption was fine before (100 seconds until depletion with my build) and activity should be rewarded, not reduced.
  6. Wave:
    • Cooldown increase
    Reasonable reduction of movementspeed, see Explo.

As I mentioned describing Thunderbolt, the power of Elemental Mage derives from burst damage.
Although EM is my favourite class, even I have to admit, that a nerf was in order. However, apart from Explo and Wave, not the cooldowns should be increased, but the damage decreased.

Changes suggested:
  1. Charged Pulse:
    A 10% damage nerf is adequate, especially because of the way it interacts with Static Chains. The cooldown is not too high, so it will not be inadequately low damage compared to the use.
  2. Electric Discharge:
    Not contradicting my other statements, the damage should be increased. It is a passive ability and increases damage without a cooldown, however, its use reduces burst damage through the absence of an active ability in its slot and it requires a considerable proximity, that most int based mages like to avoid; at least in the long run. Use with Explo / Freeze / Wave is possible, however these have a relatively high cooldown and are generally not worth the slot of another active ability, so dealing considerable damage with Electric Discharge requires riskier behaviour, or higher survivability, which in turn would reduce the damage.
    The increase should be at least 50% overall for high int builds (400-600+ int) to make it a viable alternative to burst damage (which would be the reasonable intention behind a nerf for EM). This means either a general 50% increase of both values, or a considerable buff to base damage (e.g. 40 damage * level + 10% * level * int or 25 damage * level + 12% * level * int), since you seem to dislike buffs, that specifically target high int builds (even though imho this is the point, where high int builds should be buffed, but I will let that be for now).
  3. Explo:
    Still does some of the highest damage of all spells in the game. While it is a DOT, 3 seconds are not long and can still be considered burst. A damage reduction of 12.5% does not seem to be too extreme of a nerf:
    (8 + 8% * int) * level
    (7 + 7% * int) * level
    This will reduce the damage of int / spelldamage builds from roughly 3500-3700 to 3000-3200. Along with the cooldown increase, this ability shoud not worry anyone anymore.
  4. Fireball:
    This is where things get interesting. Fireball is, ultimately, a melee ability, at least at its top potential. This obviously makes a great combination with Electric Discharge. However, Fireball is a single target spell, and not made to fight crowds. Even a buffed Electric Discharge (even the old(!) Electric Discharge) would not be enough to rely on Fireball in such situations.
    As reasonable as the cooldown reduction is, I feel, that there should be a higher reward for hitting the enemy. Since using the spell on cooldown cannot be considered the regular case as it is a single target spell, one has to assume, that resetting the cooldown as soon as possible in melee range is. Like this, resetting the cooldown is not a reward for precision and not resetting the cooldown is a punishment.
    As all spells, Fireball does however provide significant damage in general. A 10-15% Nerf to that amount probably would not harm its use.
    My idea is, that hits with Fireball additionally stack damage for a short time, similar to effects of Mentalist. With this system in place, there would be a higher reward the closer the caster is to the target for faster resets. Optionally, that bonus could apply to other spells as well, but would have to be considerably lower (say, 5% for 3 seconds, an additional stack does not increase the duration of previous stacks; max damage stacked could be 25%, but only if Fireball was spammed without another stun in melee range, and it would be smaller with every additional non-Fireball spell).
  5. Freeze:
    A nerf is reasonable, but it should not hit a single ability too heavily. Increase the int scaled damage to 5% * int * level again, and the spell will still be nerfed from 3000-3200 to 2600-2900 damage.
  6. Frost Summon:
    Completely unreasonably high damage. While most players do not use spelldamage with it, the potential is not any lower. Not to mention, that there is nothing done but standing still and autohitting, while the short lived frost summons each take a hit.
    The overall damage has to be nerfed severely, by around 30-40% (which would leave the remaining potential damage well over 5k per second, so that no crybabies are offended).
    Additionally, some survival is in order. Unlike all other summoning builds, the agility based EM builds can go to full agi without any problems, because not only do they survive on their summons, but their summons do not have to survive either. In order to prevent this, the summoning rate should be decreased, and the duration increased. In turn, HP can be increased sightly, but ideally mostly scaling with strength, and not level, in order to further discourage full agility builds without survivability on their own.
    Last but not least, there should be another ability scaling with agility, ideally an active one, so that agility play becomes more active and does not solely depend on a single ability. Overall however, I do not think, that such a defensive playstyle should have a higher potential than perhaps 7k single target DPS.
  7. Static Chains:
    I am glad about the current nerfs, but it can still go further. The utility is incredible in combinations with other AoE. Hence, a cooldown increase to 12 seconds appears to be adequate. The continuous damage is of no concern because of the high cooldown, but for burst and because it can be combined with other spells anyway, the damage seems to be too high at the moment. If the int scale is reduced by 25%, the damage when hitting 5 enemies will still be over 3000 for most high int / spelldamage buids, which will be mainly affected by this.
  8. Thunderbolt:
    Decrease the damage to (10 + 15% * int) * level and decrease the cooldown to 0.5 or 0.6 or 0.75 seconds, whatever seems adequate. If necessary, decrease the damage further, but keep a higher dependency on int than level scaling. Mana costs technically do not need to be touched.
    However, it is difficult to hit moving targets because of the delay. If it is possible to determine whether a unit is moving, hitting a moving unit could return some of the mana used. If it is possible to determine the speed of such a moving unit, that could additionally factor into it, because slowed units can be hit more easily.
  9. Wave:
    Another nerf of 10% to damage will do. Even if Wave is less useful as a burst spell, because targeting of various spells will alter, it should not deal that much damage anymore, regardless of the cooldown reduction.

That took longer than expected. I will return with more suggestions some other time.

Sometimes it helps to read the brackets after finishing reading the sentence... realising this while writing posts as I seem to use them often.

 Post Posted: Wednesday, 06. May 2015, 02:56:21 
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thank you very much for your suggestions. I have read them completely and reconsider some of your thoughts over the night for the next version. =)

people like you are what makes my job as mapper so awesome!


 Post Posted: Sunday, 10. May 2015, 12:42:04 
Level 2

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Favorite Class: Ranger
i have some idea be about some updates need to be done. (btw sorra about my english its not my national language)

1-necro's skeletons can not tp with him. (BUG)

2-i think you need to change location of harbor. its too far from any town. and really messy to play espacially when in lower lvls.

3-similar issue with under. swimming nagas.. yes its good idea but their range too far from island to alsmot impossible to reach island with cheaper ship. i think you should reduce their swim ranges.

4- when playing with ranger there is a problem i think because in range's attack range if you cas ''charged arrow'' to the mobs you can't deal any damage to them because charged arrow's skill range is shorter then ranger's normal range (BUG)

5- and this is jsut an idea on my mind you should change the gloves of lighting set's in to a weapon maybe so every body can easily use double strongest sets at 60lvl and it could be fun nalans=gloves+helm+chest/lightning=boots+shield+weapon maybe. :)

if i find any new idea or bug in my opinion i am gonna share with you again.

1-)btw you may consider to expand your map into stronger mobs and bosses with hero lvls :) could be the best rpg in w3 world because this is already one of the best i think there is only one differences with other good RpG maps is the size of the map dunno you may add some dungeons on it. its up to you this is just a suggestion.

2-)and there can be a pvp point system. we need to think about it what the points work for. etc..

thank you for you to save some time to read my opinions.

 Post Posted: Sunday, 10. May 2015, 19:41:44 
Level 30

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Favorite Class: Elemental Mage
Not to go against your suggestions, but this seems to be a little offtopic. Perhaps you should open a thread in Bug Reports for 1.35 instead.

Any level 30 character should be able to reach the harbour. Any non level 30 character does not need to do so.

I believe the general area of the island has been extended, which also causes an even longer Medite reset. If that is intentional, you could add a condition for the respawn to occur on ground rather than in water (it should be possible to determine whether there is water at a defined spot, right?). If that is not important, you can simply decrease the size of the region again, so that Nagas will not spawn to far from it.

The idea of using two sets is not a new one. In most cases, it is intentionally prevented. Since Nalan's and Lightning sets however cater to different concerns, it is most likely less overpowered to combine two sets like that. However, I personally would prefer to have a more thorough reasoning rather than just trying it out; I do not know how Robbepop feels about this.

I would prefer for the map to be stable before adding on new content.

PvP reward systems are exploited in every RPG in existence. The custom save system without overwriting also ensures, that penalties would be pointless. PvP rewards can only exist in moderated games, for which the community is too small.

I have answered the points, that were open to discussion, but I would prefer if you could keep this thread to its original purpose in the future, which is balancing.

In general, I will update my original post once I have gathered more experience with the changes. For now, I can note on the side, that I'm relatively glad with the way Mentalist works up until now. However, I have not reached endgame yet.

Sometimes it helps to read the brackets after finishing reading the sentence... realising this while writing posts as I seem to use them often.

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