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 Post Posted: Thursday, 05. March 2015, 15:30:07 
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Hi Rob!

After a while playing GoH I have a suggestion with the hope to make the game better :D

We have Black Belt and 1 teal item (I forgot the name) to decrease the enemies's armor by 6 which mean we can deal more than 20% of physical damage to the enemies. That's great. But in the other side, we do have spell casters. I think we should add some item that can - magic resist of the enemies for the balance :D

Thanks for spending time reading my thread!

 Post Posted: Thursday, 05. March 2015, 19:04:07 
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Since I know the damage of spellcasters, I do not think, that this is necessary, and it is fairly easy to understand, why, even without having seen any arithmetic evidence.

Physical damage dealers get their damage as a flat bonus, or with critical hits. Critical hits however have a luck factor, and only go up to a 100% chance for double damage, which much less flat bonus resulting in a lower average damage than builds using 40-65% chance. The -6 armour, by which enemies are affected, increases their damage output by about another 31% (less for enemies with base armour).

It is quite clear, that with high basic damage from agility or intelligence for attack or spell damage, multiplicative bonus has a far higher significance, hence the 31% really do matter.
However, you have forgotten to consider, that Spell Damage easily scales up to a 150% bonus.

This means, that while physical damage dealers have a relatively high flat bonus and two (technically three, counting Attack Speed, but for end game builds I would always assume max AS anyway) multiplicative bonuses, the one multiplicative bonus for spellcasters is at least equally strong. Providing a second multiplicatively stacking bonus would be very overpowered for those, who already "exploit" the system (currently maxing at about 8756 single target spell dps).

If such a spellcaster / physical dps balance issue was attempted to be resolved, it should mostly be done in balancing abilities. I have suggested items with slight buffs for pure dps as well, but only for the sake of build diversity and within the existing system (to say a stable environment), and I would not mind a slight nerf for pure dps abilities in turn.

Sometimes it helps to read the brackets after finishing reading the sentence... realising this while writing posts as I seem to use them often.

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