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Greetings everyone, im Masterja, and i have played GoH for quite some time. However, i registered only recently, and decided to contribute to the community by writing a guide for dreadful Necromancer!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Outdated Info was put into purplish letters

Necromancer Total Guide

1. Introduction
2. Pros and Cons
3. Skills
4. Gameplay
5. Leveling
6. Farming
7. Boss Killing
8. Items

1. Introduction

Necromancer is a hero that requires the most microing of all, yet rewards player greatly when
mastered. He has abilities to summon vast armies from beyond grave, and use it as his
cannon fodder. He is also a hybrid class, being able to take any role - tank, dps, support.
Indeed, it is all possible with recent buffs (his minions now get bonuses depending on hero
atributes). This allows pure STR builds to make necromancer a grand tank, where each
skeleton has about 3000 HP by level 60. Or pehaps pure AGI build, that gives enormous
damage to minions. Imagine 3-4 archers with max attack speed (spell) and 250 damage
each, supported by +60 damage of flag! Then, there is INT build, that allows necro to spam
minions untill his poison nova rapes enemies. Endless possibilities...

2. Pros and Cons

- Can tank
- Can DPS
- Can support
- Best solo hero
- Great in teams
- Good farmer
- Easy leveling
- Can kill most of bosses earlier than all other classes
- Almost never threatened (except for minionless build)

- Relies on LOTS of mana potions for his STR / AGI builds
- Relies on LOTS of health potions for his minionless INT builds
- Cant handle 10+ mobs at once (unlike Elemental mage for example) (with the recent buff to the Necromancers INT build, this thing changes)
- Leveling from 45-60 is a torture (With recent buffs, to INT build, he can level a LOT faster, and solo dragons quite fine)

3. Skills

Necromancers skills relly on Debuffing enemies, buffind summons, and summoning tons of
warriors. He also has a few healing spells to help him. Lets start from beginning:

- Life Drain

Extremely useful spell. With 2/0/3 build, this thingy will heal you 2500 HP per second if it affects 7-8 enemies. When you cast it somewhere, all enemies are lose HP proportional to your INT, and your minions and you get 10% of all the damage dealt. When fighting mass mobs, such as dragons in Crystal fields, this spell will be of most value.

- Toxic Bodyguard

While many say that this spell is useless, i disagree. In fact, its one of best supporting spells.
It slows down EVERY enemy that attacks Necromancer / minions by 30%, and at no mana
cost. In conjunction with Void Sphere and Frost orb effect, it makes enemies just stand in place
and watch you as your minions mercilesly slay them. Plus, it deals 30 damage per second,
and thats quite nice when you cant damage enemies (resummoning minions all the time),
and can turn tide of battle. Not to mention it is passive, and that will be AWESOME for AGI /
STR necromancer. One of must have spells.

- Disease

This spell is also a must when killing top-tier bosses. It reduces 10 armor and slows enemies
by 50% at level 10. That means more damage from minions, and with toxic bodyguard and/or
orb of frost, you completely halt enemies attack and movement. It is also usefull for killing fiery
egg on low levels (since at level 30, i think no class can solo Egg with its massive 1000
hp/sec regeneration).

NEW SPELL: - Void Sphere

Very good spell. Its the only insta-damage spell of necromancer that is reliable (unlike minion magic for example). This spell is a must in both STR and INT builds, for dealing damage or healing your minions. If you are supporting some more players, always keep Sphere ready to heal friend, since it also affects other players (and their minions, making 3-4 leveling Necromancers immortals).

- Flag of Gloom

Really, really good spell. It increases minions damage by 60, and that is no small number.
When you are running around with about 10 minions, it gives you grand bonus of 600
damage per second. Pure INT necromancer could find this spell usefull IF team is tanking,
and minions can do damage, however otherwise it is bad on INT necromancer. Use this spell
for all bossfights if you are AGI based hero.

- Hell Summon

The DPS ability of AGI Necromancer. If there are no corpses on target ground, it summons 1-5
corpses depending on level of skill, and if there are, it summons Skeleton Archer that deals
more damage than Skeletons and has ability that gives it MAX attack speed for few
seconds. In pure AGI build and with Flag of Gloom, 3-4 archers can easily deal 1000 DPS,
and you gotta agree, thats quite a lot.

- Dark Ritual

Not too special spell. You sacrefice one minion to get 30% of his life, however potions and/or
Cursed Life spell do a lot better job. Also, you lose more mana than you gain if you sacrefice
minion with mana. The neat part of spell is 30% chance to summon Skeleton Mage, that that
guy is quite awesome. He can tank a lot with his mana shield, or deal instant 1000 damage
with his spells. Again, this spell is nothing too special, however can come handy for "no STR for
Cursed life" kind of necromancers.

- Poison Nova

Ahhh, the fabled Poison Nova! For pure INT mages, this is most damaging and deadly spell,
able to wipe out dozens of monsters in huge AoE. It deals damage proportional to your INT
over 10 seconds. Really good spell for killing those numerous dragons or Orcs in camp.
However, non-INT necromancers will find this spell quite useless.

- Parasite

Parasite is an nice spell that can be used by both non-INT and INT builds. What this spell
does is poison enemy, dealing damage (depending on INT) to target over 5 seconds. If
target dies in those 5 seconds, a Butcher is born/ For STR/AGI builds, it summons tankiest
minion that can deal quite a bit of damage as well, and for INT guys, it deals huge damage
over 5 seconds. Butcher has ability to meat hook target, bringing it to his current position,
and dealing some damage as well. This can be used to pick off enemies 1 by 1, or hook
them over cliffs, water, mountains, fog of war, etc. If used on Boss, it summons Butcher after
5 seconds, even if boss is alive.

- Bone Mastery

A must have spell for any minion oriented character. It gives 33% chance to summon
aditional Skeleton Warrior (whose power is dependant on this skills level) when you use
Dead Raising spell, expands life of Butcher and Skeleton Archer by 20 seconds, and
increasing chance to summon Skeletal Mage when sacreficing minion by 30%. Again, it is
foolish to run around without this spell.

- Minion Magic

For levels 1-50, this is Boss slaying skill. Every time you cast a spell, all of your minions throw
ball of death at random enemy around them, dealing up to 100 damage and mini-stunning
target. This spell is extremelly usefull if you have lots of minions AND mana to spam spells. If
you dont have minions, then it doesnt do anything, if you dont have mana to spam spells, it
doesnt do anything... A must spell in levels 1-20, and pretty nice later on IF you go INT build.

With the recent remake of skills, Minion magic is now a must for INT guys since it is affected by INT. In the end, it can deal ~700 INT per mob, whereas it used to deal 120. This improves its effectiveness late game as well, and is now a good part of any INT necromancer, little less for STR/AGI based ones.

- Cursed Life

This spell is usefull for 2 things. First off, it heals you and all minions depending on your
Inteligence. Quite awesome spell for STR / INT build, that makes skellies even tankier.
Second, it procs minion magic, that often comes in pack with this spell. A must for any kind of
INT oriented character.

With other spells becoming more powerful, and Void Sphere becoming an good substitute, Cursed life is no longer used in INT builds (further more since this spell is now affected by STR). However, in any build that has 4 STR per level, this spell is simply a must. The difference between it and Void sphere is that its instant, and heals you as well. Very good spell for tanks.

- Dead Rising

Bread and butter of necromancer. A MUST have spell in ALL circumstances. It summons a
skeleton warrior whose power is dependant on necromancers stats. Every STR point
increases health of skeleton by 10, every AGI point increases damage of skeleton by 0.3,
and with more INT, you can cast this spell more, resulting increase in number. Skeletons last
forever, however there is a limit of 3 skeletons per necromancer (+ unlimited amount of "Bone Mastery" skeletons).
Thats about it for spells, now lets go to gameplay and spell builds...

4. Gameplay

Necromancer can be tank, dps, support, AoE monster, or single enemy slayer depending on
his build. Lets discuss few builds:

- Pure STR build (5 str a level)

This is tanky build. It improves your skeletons to amount where they will each have 9000 HP. To achieve this number, you must have in mind that Spellheal affects skeletons as well as STR.

Items in the end:
- Corona (for 40% spellheal)
- 2x Archmages Rings (for 60% spellheal total)
- Armagica Helm (30% spellheal)
- Mace of Fahras (40% spellheal)
- Chaos Boots (30% spellheal)

These add total of 200% spellheal, tripling your usual 3k per skeleton (with pure STR) to 9k!

- Hybrid STR / AGI build (2 str / 3 agi a level till 40, pure STR after)

Quite nice build. You will get some tanky skeletons, with around 2k hp each, and your archers will deal some insane damage. Goal is to stack agility and spellpower as well as damage (since you will deal quite a bit damage as well).

- Magisil (30% spellpower, and 100 damage is just perfect) / Serpentine Mace (30 permanent damage to skeletons is nice as well)
- Elemental armor (30% Spelldamage, and nice INT to allow you spamming of spells)
- Armagica Helm (30% Spelldamage, and some more INT)
- Stealth Boots (10% critical and evasion as well as AGI to improve your personal DPS) / Chaos boots (30% spelldamage)
- 2x Archmages Rings (60% spellpower) / 2x Creators Eyes (70 STR AGI and INT)

- Pure AGI build (5 agi a level)

I dont like this build a lot, since it makes your skellies a wimps, getting killed in 1 hit, and
makes you weak as hell also. However, if you got a tanking budy, your Archers can deal
about 3000 DPS (if you have 4-5 of them with 200% spellpower), along with your 500 with some teal items, and ocasional criticals, all counted, you will deal around 3500 dps.

- Magisil (30% spellpower, and 100 damage is just perfect) / Serpentine Mace (30 permanent damage to skeletons is nice as well)
- Elemental armor (30% Spelldamage, and nice INT to allow you spamming of spells)
- Armagica Helm (30% Spelldamage, and some more INT)
- Stealth Boots (10% critical and evasion as well as AGI to improve your personal DPS) / Chaos boots (30% spelldamage)
- 2x Archmages Rings (60% spellpower) / 2x Creators Eyes (70 STR AGI and INT)

- Hybrid build (2 str / 1 agi / 2 int)

Trying to get a bit of everything will result in severe weakness. This build could make you quite powerful, however late game it loses its potential to specific attribute focusing builds. It is quite nice leveling build though.

Items at end:
- NONE - this build should be swaped for some other one at the end.

- STR/INT build (2 str / 3 int a level build)

Now this is my favorite without a doubt. This will give you Enough STR to tank anything with skelies, and keep healing them, yet tons of INT to dish out some serious damage to foes with Minion Magic, Poison Nova, Life Drain and Void Sphere. This is one of most powerful Necromancer builds, and is proven to have killed Askalor and severely harmed Chronos. Now, there are 2 kinds of this build, both are very different. First one tries to focus on dealing DMG through other spells, while second one deals damage through Minion Magic (Minion Magic isn't affected by Spelldamage, only by Pure INT).

Items for Minion Magic DPS:
- Elemental Armor (60 INT)
- 2x Creators Eyes (70 INT)
- Spell Shapers (40 INT)
- Storm and Thunder (30 INT)
- Askalors Dark Mace (70 INT)

- Phoenix Pet (~50 INT)
- 2/0/3 build (200 or so INT)
= Total of 570 INT (456 damage per minion)
== Total of 3100 damage per spell with 7 minion)
=== Total of 12000 damage per spell spam
==== 2500 DPS (considering spells have 5 sec cooldown mostly)
This is the single most damaging build in the game, deals more damage than even Ranger! However, the drawback is that it only does so if you fight SINGLE enemy only! That means soloing Chronos is nearly Impossible (with all the lava spawns). You also need to keep a lot of minions alive to dish out all the damage. All in all, this is a very risky build, yet most damaging one.

Items for Non-Minion magic DPS:
- Elemental Armor
- 2x Archmages Ring
- Armagica Helmet
- Chaos Boots
- Askalors Mace

This build relies on Poison Nova, Life Drain, Void Sphere and Paralyze to deal the damage. Other two spells should be Minion Magic and Dead Raising. The goal is to keep skeletons alive as long as possible while your DoT's deal insane damage. Always try to stand in Life Drain circle to get healed.

- Pure INT build (5 int a level)

This build relies on Poison Nova to deal all the damage, while your constant skeleton spam
keeps enemies at bay. Also Minion Magic does its part here since you can spam a lot.

Those are comming Necromancer builds, now lets move onto the Leveling.

5. Leveling

Leveling is without a doubt, easiest when you are necromancer. You can hide behind your fat
skeletons and let them do all the dirty job, not losing any hp, nor dieing in the process.
However, you cant level just about anywhere! There are places where you will get killed no
mater of your build!

Levels 1 - 10
Kobolds to the west of Orkenbrough are way to go. Skellies will make short work of them. Be
sure to take quests from General of Orkenbrough and Volka for some extra experience. Take
all items that give mana. Ocasionally buy mana potions so you can spam more.

Levels 10 - 15
If you went any of STR / AGI builds, you will have quite easy time killing trolls and bears in
Teya mountains to the north-east of Orkenbrough. However, if you went INT build, better head
to Murloc islands in north-west. Also, for INT builds, be sure you maxed Minion Magic and
Dead Raising, since they will do all the damage.

Levels 15 - 18
Bandits on the Gems road are the way to go. You might be lucky and get a Plasma Orb,
which is one of best items for you so far, and will be usefull not only for HP / Mana bonus
(expecially for STR builds!), but also for revealing Stealth Bringers and those gigant mummie
thingies in the Tox Desert later on.

Levels 18 - 22
If you are STR or AGI build, remain on Gems road and kill bandits, however, for INT builds,
go to Orc camp and kill everything with your poison nova. You will get MASS exp there,
however, invounerable towers can be quite a problem if you are solo, or your friends havent
completed Orcish Grounds quest yet.

Levels 22 - 26
Ignore undead orcs completely! They give bad items, low exp for difficulty, and instead, head
onto harpies to the south. Harpies can give some nice items like staff of Anuling that is
REALLY usefull for any character, let alone necromancer, and also set items like Reya or
Khel. Khels set can be quite awesome if you want survivability, otherwise go Reyas for mana.

Levels 27 - 37
There are 2 possibilities right now. First, go to Tox Desert (prefferable only if you have
Plasma Orb i mentioned earlier), however, you will face many invisible mummies, and
poisonous scorpions, so be prepared to burn potions here. If you do this, at level 30, go to
Melargaba town next to shore, then to the coast itself, and buy ship in shop to the north. With
this ship, head to northen out of two islands in water. There you will find Nagas that are a
piece of cake for you. If you dont have Plasma orb, head to Naga island in first place.

Levels 37 - 45
Now, this is important. If you find any of following items (Gem of South, Gem of North, Belt of
Direction), KEEP THEM in carrier. If you get whole set, your minions will be strenghtened
imensely (+450 hp each, +15 damage each, and you get +450 hp / mana and +45 armor).
This set will be used untill you get Minoras later on. Anyway, if you still search for those items,
remain on Naga islands till you find them, and then move to the swamps south of Melargaba.
Be warned though - swamps are really dangerous place, and your skellies will be pretty much
raped at this point if you dont have Gem set.

Levels 45 - 55
This will be without a doubt hardest part for any Necromancer. If you go fight Crystal Dragons,
your skelletons will be eaten alive by their splahs / huge numbers. If you go fight Shadows in
battleground, your skelletons will be eaten alive by their illusions / huge numbers. If you have
a friend that can level you, this is best part he can do. Be sure to look for Minoras set while

Crystal Fields have been far nerfed, and Necromancer buffed, meaning that this place is no longer hard for you. This place is heavily dominated by your INT build. You and your skeletons no longer suffer from AoE, since you can just use Life Drain and null the damage from Splash.

Levels 55 - 60
You should gather up with a bunch of other players, and atempt to kill Askalor now. He can
drop some awesome items, that can be used later, once you have enough Master Points.
Anyway, farm in the Undead town, south of Hyppos till you get to level 60, then head off to Hell
(flaming skull above lava, in Hyppos). There, gahter enough Master points to wear some
awesome items, and rule the world, mwahahahahha!

6. Farming

Quite often, you will need to farm a lot of gold, really fast, to get some more potions, or
maybe stronger carrier!

If you went STR build, make 3 skeletons, send 1 on kobolds, seend second one to Teya
Mountains, and third one onto Murlocs, and you get Toxic Bodyguard spell, and just patrol
around wolves, south of Orkenbrough. Your skellies will wipe out enemies quite fast, and you
can kill wolves quite fast with your poison.

If you went AGI build, it is a nice idea to keep killing bosses. Keep killing Azura, then Earth
master, Azura, etc...

If you went INT build, fastest way is perhaps Orc camp, with poison nova. You can get around
600 gold with single cast, and respawn time is low. Also, if you have tank with you, best spot
would be Crystal cave, dragons deal tons of damage, but if you have protection, they are fine
source of gold.

7. Boss killing

Necromancer is great solo, and great boss killer as well. He can solo bosses way above his
level, and chart goes like this:

Freezor - level 9 needed
Aurum - level 15 needed
Azura - level 21 needed
Naga - level 27 needed
Broodmother - level 35 needed
Xi-Pasi-Mu - level 39 needed
Dragon Keeper - level 45 needed (entrance phorbided)
Shreder - level 50 needed
Askalor - level 60 needed
Chronos - level 60 needed

- This boss is relatively easy, you need at least level 4 skeletons (thus lvl 9 hero), and minion
magic. Rest goes into Void Sphere if you go INT, or improved summoning if you go STR / AGI.
Just keep spamming skeletons, and let minion magic kill freezor.

- Harder then Freezor because of his regeneration and health, as well as perma-stun. Max
your dead raising, minion magic, have ONLY 1 level of Life drain, Cursed life and Void Sphere.
Put everything else into hell summon. Why this build? You need only level 1 skills for their low
mana cost, and spamability. You need to spam them as soon as they come from CD to
damage Aurum, and hell summon is used to create corpses for skeletons, or even to create
archers. Have a bunch of mana potions for this guy!

- Easiest boss for Necromancer if you ask me! Dragon will use his breath few times,
however, it will split between your skeletons, and deal quite low damage to each, rather than
a lot of damage to one (which is why most guys cant solo Azura till around level 30). Same
ability build as Aurum.

- You need level 27 to have last level skeletons and Minion magic. Put everything else into
improved summoning. You need a lot of minions, and you need to keep spaming them, since
nagas Tsunami rapes skellies alive! Bring some HP pots with you as well as mana, since
tsunami will deal a lot of damage to you too.

- Hardest boss for its level if you ask me! It is usually surounded by those damned trees that
keep entangling you to death, and rock throwing treants as well. Not to mention it will keep
creating spiderlings and spiting venom! If you try to kill her BEFORE level 40, be really, really
ready, and i mean it. However, its best to be level 40 and have Gems set with you. Max dead
rising, improved summoning (if youre STR/AGI) / minion magic (if youre INT), and take
whatever you like with remaining points. Just keep whacking broodmomma to death
afterwards. Try to evade that poison thingy that covers screen.

Earth Guardian:
- He has really low attack speed, making him quite easy boss if you have a weapon that has
slow effect. When fighting this boss, no mater what skill build you are going, you MUST have
minion magic, and at least 2 spammable skills aside from dead rising. Why so? He has
entangle that triggers when he has 75, 50, and 25% of his total hp. Once youre entangled, he
will regenerate from 74 to 76% for example, and then entangle you again when you hit him.
Thus, when he uses entangle, you spam skills to bring him down before he regenerates.
Make sure you have 1 level of Toxic Bodyguard for aditional slow, and Void Sphere maxed. This
will make him just watch you and entangle.

Dragon Keeper:
- Dragon keeper himself isnt a big deal. His dragons are. You must make sure you clear every single dragon around him before starting the fight, or you are bound to lose. Aside from dead rising, get flags of gloom, max hell summon, disease, and at least 1 level of Toxic bodyguard. If youre INT necro, dont forget Poison Nova. BEFORE you attack him, make sure there are at least 6 corpses on ground (hell summon). Keeper will summon his minions at 75, 50 and 25%. At that point, you use Poison Nova if youre INT, else just use Hell Summon to insta-damage his lackeys and summon your own one. Nothing so special about this boss after that.

- This guy is pretty dangerous, and i do not recommend trying to solo him with INT build. He has AoE spell that will kill you even if minions tank for you, and he also has splash attack, making him even more dangerous. If you do try to kill him, either bring a bunch of pots, or have cursed life ready (for INT builds). Butchers are quite nice for extra 600 pure damage, and some more tanking. Bring this guy down as fast as possible. Furthermore, keep spamming Disease on him to slow him more.

INT build is actually easiest since last few buffs to Necromancer. Keep him at bay with skeletons and keep using spells to wear him down. Cursed life whenever you get bellow half HP. Always have a potion or two ready for use.

- I cannot tell you anything about soloing him, since i never did it successfully...
Askalor is pretty hard boss, however far easier for 2/0/3 Necro (non Minion Magic). Make sure you have few Butchers, Archers and 3 Skeletons before going in. Draw him somewhere between gate and his original place. Be sure to use Life drain to keep healing you. With his huge number of minions, you will heal up 3000 health per second - more than enough to keep you alive.

- You gotta have fast fingers to be able to kill this guy. I think that pure AGI or AGI/STR hybrids are best way to go, since you DONT need hp or any hp pots to fight him. He often shoots insta-gib meteors at you, and you need to evade them. You can reduce amount of meteors by slowing him with orb and disease. Keep whacking him with skellies and archers. Use flag of gloom whenever its off CD. After he shoots laser, instantly use hell summon on ground, and start running away from his laser. Once he stops lasering you, raise dead, hell summon archer and keep fighting. Try to hide your archers out of area while he channels. And good luck!


I described END items earlier, so i won't really repeat again... But some neat items you can find would be:

Level 1 - 10:
- Kobalt Amulet
- Gold Ring
- Mana Crystal

Level 10 - 20:
- Staff of Annuling
- Shirt of Necromancer
- Orcish Drums
- Shirt of Assassin
- Plasma Orb (truesight)
- Shirt of Seraph
- WARNING: DO NOT TAKE SHIRT OF WARRIOR! It gives 10% of skellies damage, and its base damage is 0, thus it does nothing)

Level 20 - 30:
- Reyas Set (for more inteligence / mana)
- Khels Set (for tanking)
- Dragons Orb

Level 30 - 40
- Frost Axe (frost orb effect)
- Gem set (Gem of North, Gem of South, Belt of Direction)

Level 40 - 50
- Minoras Set (a must for any minnion oriented necromancer, +30 damage aura)
- Voodo Doll
- Golden Mace
- Scroll of Chaos (for AGI)
- Scroll of Light (for STR)
- Orb of Nature (courier)

Level 50 - 60 (NO MP)
- Element Former

Thats about it, i hope this guide helped you! If you have any suggestions for guide, please PM me, and ill fix guide!

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Only thing missing is .. well there isn't anything missing here. ^^ +5 mate, thanks for your tribute to this community ^^

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Xi-Pasi-Mu is missing. Earth thingy's name :D good job on the guide. I hope people who is using necro will check this one out. It is quite usefull.

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Very awesome guide... I think i'm gonna make a necromancer :D i have every information i need. +5 mate keep up the good work :)))

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very good guide! :D

I will make it sticky for the necro section.


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Thanks for replies! Indeed, ill fix earth thingy, and few typos i noticed.

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Oh yes you may also add Scythe of the dark judge for the courier on level 60, ultimativ nature and such courrier items.

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ok just my suggestion about the guide^^

the best way to play necro is for 100% the agi way and for that the best items are

2 Creators Eye
abyss mace
aska helmet
flame walkers or chaos boots
and for pet get
assa shirt
necro shirt
mana pots always heal pots you wont need only for aska
necro staff
pure energy and then
hp pots or nature orb

and necros can rly easy handel 10 mobs if you got enough str with agi negro or int and some str with int necro and got lifedrain but with enough hp you just spam minions into the enemys its just importent that you always debuff them with disease

and best thing play necro like 70 str and 230 agi with the end gear then your skelets wil have about 5k hp whats rly much and you self got 3k then get armor pet and your minions will never die

spells get
Minion Magic
Improved Summoning
Raise Dead
Cursed Life
Hell summon

with this build you can ill everything when you got the skill(alredy killed all boses solo)^^
maybe armor of pure energy makes aska a bit easyer but with corona possible aswell

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Level 2

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Hi very nice Guide :)
I used it for my first Necromancer and its really nice all around.
After playing it i have 2 additions:

-at Orc Camp you can find "shirt of ..... where especially "shirt of seraph" (8 armor) and "shirt of assasin" (15%as) is nice to have if you play Str Agi necromancer. Put them in your courier's bag of course.

-I played to level 51 as Str Agi and the ice dragons/illusions killed me several times so i tryed to change my attributes to Str Int and it became almost as easy as the nagas on the island before. You can heal your minions so much that you have a lot of free time to deal damage and you dont run out of mana after 3 spells all the time.(Place to change attributes is south west of the map)

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Level 11

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i am lvl37 and got no chance to kill naga. i got massive problems with living water massive amounts of water elementals. and at the moment i kill them (max life drain,poison nova) tsunami rapes everything and then there are again a lot of water elementals. minion magic was pretty useless, too many units. i also had a galleone and a lvl4 dmg merc. got 80str 65agi 70int and azure/yellow items with str/int/armor/manasteal.
i dont see a way to kill the naga in 1.25c with lvl27. i cant do it with 37 and i tried many combinations. (parasite,lifedrain,mass summons,toxic+disease)..
well i will do it with gem set i think, but your lvl27 tactic wont work

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