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Manual - The Necromancer - v1.08e

I try to write very simple english, to use no gamer-slang words or abbreviations and I try to understandably explain.
If you do not understand something, write me and I explain it and try to find a better formulation for the Manual.

Image The Necromancer Image
DamageDealer - Summoner - Supporter - Tank
He is a kind of Allrounder, he is a very good Single-Boss-Killer and a very good Mass-Mob-Killer.
He is very strong in early game, so he is easy to level up, but later he is weaker,
but you can compensate it with a good spell/skill-combination, good items and the most important good tactics and strategies.

Stats at beginning:

Available Names:
Aswang - Key' zarr - Queintal - Shogoon - Skulled - Slowax - Vorgan - Warzalor - Xalaxai - Zorkan

Necromancers' favourite quotes:
"The dead shall serve."
"What does the shadow will?"
"The restless dead await."
"This better be good."
"As the shadow wills."
"Let darkness guide me."
"For the Lich King."
"Every man lives. Not every man truly dies."
(a parody of the tagline for Braveheart)
"I love the dead... frequently"
"I see UNdead people..."
(Instead of 'I see dead people' from the movie "The Sixth Sense")
"Do you smell something? Hum... it's just troops."
"Right-click for hot undead action."

Read the description of the spells/skills,
the most spells base on your intelligence, the more intelligence you have the stronger they are,
but some spells, you can also increase by items, which give a spell-damage-bonus or heal-spell-bonus,
or the summon-spells are also influenced by the level of your hero.
Do not forget to watch, which skills/spell your minions have, some have mighty abilities.

Image Life Drain
Life Drain is a very helpfull support spell,
damages every enemy inside the circle and gives you, your minions and
your allies, which are inside the circle, the vampire aura effect.
Image Image

Image Toxic Bodyguard
If you use minions, then this skill is useless, because your enemies will not attack you the most time,
but if you do not use minions, that is a great skill, because it slows and damages every enemy, which attacks you.
Image Image

Image Disease
Disease is a very good support spell, which slows the move- and attack-speed
and reduces the damage and armor of every enemy inside the targeted area.
Image Image

Image Flag of Gloom
Flag of Gloom is a great support spell, because the flag has an aura, which increase the damage and armor
of you, your minions and your allies, as long as they stay near to the flag.
Image Image

Image Hell Summon
Hell Summon is very multifunctional spell,
it is very important, if you use Skeleton Warriors, because when you are in a battle
and your enemies killed all your minions and the enemies are too strong in the area,
that you could kill them fast with only your hero. Level 1 Hell Summon is enough
and you can let spawn fast three corpses and you can summon three new Skeleton Warriors with Dead Raising
or during a battle against a boss, there are no corpses and the boss is killing your minions,
let spawn three corpses and you can summon three new Skeleton Warriors.
Then the next point is, it is a good aoe-damage-spell.
And the last point, if minimum two corpses are liing on ground and you use the spell,
a mighty Skeleton Archer is summoned by you, which has two nice skills.
Image Searing Arrows ___________ Image Unholy Rage
Image _ Image
Image Image

Image Dark Ritual
Dark Ritual is again a great and multifunctional spell,
at first you can use it to restore your healtpoints and manapoints,
and if you are lucky, you also summon a strong Skeleton Mage, which has three mighty spells,
Deathbolt and Nightmares Energy Slash can be very helpfull in boss-fights.
Image Deathbolt __________________ Image Nightmares Energy Slash _ Image Manashield
Image _ Image ___ Image
Image Image Image

Image Poison Nova
Poison Nova is the strongest damage-spell of the Necromancer,
it envenoms all enemies around the Necromancer and damages them over time.
It is perfekt to kill fast mass-mobs of enemies, but it is also good to kill single bosses,
because of the enormous damage.
Image Image

Image Cursed Poison
Cursed Poison is a very good spell,
you can envenom a single enemy and if the enemy dies, during it is envenomed,
a Butcher will spawn, your mightiest minion, which has one of the most awesome skills in the game.
Meat Hook, the Butcher throws a glaive with a chain, when it hits a target,
it damages the target and enchains it, then the Butcher attracts the enemy and you can do the final flourish.
Image Meat Hook
Image Image Image

Image Improved Summoning
If you do not use minions, this skill is useless,
but if you use them, Improved Summoning is a very strong upgrade, read the description,
it gives a chance, that each time when you summon a Skeleton Warrior, you get a second Skeleton Warrior
and expand the life-time of Butcher and Skeleton Archer, furthermore the chance,
that you get a Skeleton Mage, when you use Dark Ritual, is increased.

Image Minion Magic
Minion Magic is one of the most important skills,
it damages and stuns a random targeted enemy, each time when the Necromancer use one of his abilities,
all his minions throw a ball of black magic, but it is only profitable, when you use some minions,
if you have only one minion or zero, it is not helpfull.
Image Image

Image Cursed Life
Cursed Life is a very helpfull spell,
heals the Necromancer and his minions.
Image Image

Image Dead Raising
Dead Raising summons your regular skeleton minion, the Skeleton Warrior,
you can activate automatical summoning with right-click, then you get a new Skeleton Warrior,
as soon as you have less than three Skeleton Warriors and there is a corpse.
Image Image

Special Necromancer Items:
There are two reasons, why I only post these three items,
the first one is, if you want to watch Mages' Guild Item-Sets you can watch the Item-List (<== That is a Link!)
or the common (grey) Necromancer items, which can be helpfull at beginning, you can watch ingame,
and the second reason, I have no screenshots of the other special Necromancer items
or special Necromancer Item-Sets, so if you want, that I can complete the list,
send me a screenshot of the icon and description of the items.

Image Shirt of the Necromancer __ Image Black Belt _ Image Serpentine Mace
Image ______________ Image _ Image
The Shirt of the Necromancer and the Black Belt are good at beginning, but later I only had them in my minipet, because I wanted to use the auras.
If you want to use the Serpentine Mace, you should consider, that the damage aura is only for the minions,
If you use no minions, you should check, what you prefer, increasing your intelligence and damage/heal-spells,
or otherwise maybe the Lightsaber is better for you, due to the critical attack and attack-speed bonuses.
(completion later)

Tactics and Strategies:
  1. Attribute-Points:At beginning, you can easily hide behind your minions, that is why you should use all your attribute-points for intelligence,
    later or at the end it is harder, so if you are pro and you can hinder, that you take damage, you can place everything in intelligence,
    otherwise or if you would like to have got a little healtpoints cushion, you should use the first two thrid of attribute-points for intelligence
    and the last third for strenght, I think from level 48, it is early enough, before you do not need healthpoints.
    If you do not like, how you allocated your attribute-point, there are a shop inside the inn in Hyppos, but you must be level 70,
    if you want to get your attribute-points back.

  2. Items:At beginning, the items were not so important for me, I kept what I found
    and I prefered Items, which increased my intelligence, mana or mana-regeneration,
    the reason for that was the "Pure Summoner" (read in the section Builds, what the "Pure Summoner" is),
    he does not use spells, which you can increase with damage/heal-spell bonus items,
    otherwise I did also use these kind of items.
    Then later level 45 till level 70, I collected:
    1. Ercan's arcane Sword
    2. Ercan's arcane Shield
    3. Ercan's arcane Helm
    4. Orbs of Nature
    5. Orbs of Nature
    6. Luna Armor
    Level 70 and Mastery Items:
    1. (Weapon) Serpentine Mace or Lightsaber or Askalor's dark Mace
    2. (Shield) Magu's Defender or Mastery Shield
    3. Dominators' Gloves
    4. Armor of pure Magic
    5. King's Helmet or Champion's Belt
    6. (Miscellaneous) 1-2 Arch Mage Ring or 1-2 The Creator's Eye or 1-2 Ultimate Dragon Orb
    7. (Weapon- and Shield-Hand) Abyss Mace
    This items I can advise, 3. and 4. should everybody use, but the other ones depend on the of you chosen abilities and your way to play.
    (completion later)

  3. Minipets and Potions:Necromancer-like is to decrease his enemies, that is why I have always the Black Belt and the Shirt of the Seraph in my minipet,
    and I wanted to increase my hero and his minions, so I also have the Shirt of the Necromancer and maybe the Shirt of the Assassin in my minipet.
    The other shirts are not very usefull, except for the Shirt of the Elemenatal Mage, it could be helpfull,
    if you want an increased mana-regeneration for your Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Mage and Butcher, because of their skills/spells,
    but then you should also use Improved Summoning, that their Life-Time is longer and you should hold them back,
    if you send them blind in the battle, they die before you can use a second time their skills/spells.
    My hero only weared the Black Belt or the Shirt of the Necromancer, when I had no better item.
    As long as you use minions, you can hide behind them, so you only need mana-potions and the Necromancer is an intensive mana-potions-user,
    if you play him as exzessive as me!^^
    If you do not use minions or later ingame, you also need heath-potions, especially if you want to survive in Askatar^^.
    Little hint of Askalor-Killers, place many Döners, Best-Heath-Potions (4) and maybe also the Staff of Annuling in your minipet, thus you can heal yourself more often.
    Level 70 Minipets, I prefered the Red Dragon, because of the 15% damage-aura and at the end of course the Phoenix with 12% all stats aura.
    When you have an Minipet over level 60 you can also use Moshrak's Rocket Launcher, to stun your enemies
    so first time kill Moshrak to get the Rocket Launcher and the next times when you kill him, use his own weapon against him :P ,
    also helpfull against Askalor.

  4. Builds:I know four good builds for the Necromancer.
    I begin to describe, my two favourite builds,
    which I used to level up, to kill Askalor and in Arena-Fights.
    My first idea was, what is Necromancer-like:
    summoning minions, cursing or poisoning his enemies and of course like a mage heavy spell damage.
    That is why my first idea was to create a 100% godlike Summoner,
    but every good idea and build is nothing, if it does not work in the fight,
    so I developed tactics, that I could totally use the potential of the build and its single spells/skills to full capacity.
    I started to leveling up with the "The Pure Summoner".

    1. "The Pure Summoner"Summoner, DamageDealer and Tank
      At beginning, I prefer the, how I call it, the "Pure Summoner", that means I only used summoning spells,
      during a fight my only job was to summon minions, which fought for me, pushed back the enemies and incured the damage of the enemies.
      I let the Necromancer himself only attack, as long as I had a big army and did not have to summon new minions.
      The Necromancer himself is not a great DamageDealer and in no case a tank, but his horde of endless rushing minions.
      My standard army was:
      4 Skeleton Warriors + 1 Skeleton Archer + 1 Skeleton Mage and 2 Butchers = 8 Minions.
      The awesome at the "Pure Summoner" is THE longer you fight, THE stronger the creeps are and THE harder a battle is,
      THE stronger becomes your Character, means your army!!! :P :P :P
      What I want to say is, only at beginning I had this small army of 6-8 feeble minions,
      during a great campaign, with little bit luck and good timing, I often had:
      5-6 Skeleton Warriors + 2-3 Skeleton Archers + 2-3 Skeleton Mages + 3-4 Butchers = 12-16 MINIONS! <== That I call an ARMY!
      Do not call me freak, I am just necrophil :twisted: .
      In general it is better the most time, when you upgrade a spell/skill to tier 10, before you learn a new one.
      1. You should start with Dead Raising or Cursed Poison and upgrade it, but be careful only upgrade it so, that the mana-cost of the spell is under a third of your total mana, you should can use the skill in fight some times, before you are out of mana and need a mana-potion.
      2. Hell Summon tier 1, later you can upgrade it, at beginning it is only important, that you can let spawn new corpses in fight or after a fight, very helpfull, when you must summon fast new Skeleton Warriors.
      3. Minion Magic tier 1, later you can upgrade it, at beginning it is very helpfull, stuns enemies and the more minions are under your control, the more enemies you can stun and damage.
      4. Dead Raising or Cursed Poison, now learn the other spell.
      5. Dark Ritual, I used it to restore healtpoints and manapoints and of course for the nice little Skeleton Mage.
      6. Improved Summoning, you can learn it earlier, if you want, it is very helpfull, if you want, that your army grows up.
      The "Pure Summoner" is very fast very strong at beginning, due to his strong minions,
      that is why you can kill the first bosses Freezor and Aurum alone very early.
      Now it is time to describe, how typical fights are with the "Pure Summoner",
      when your Necromancer is level 15, you should can solo the Orc Camp for leveling up and getting gold and items,
      if you are very good from level 10.
      It is very easy, you go to one of the holes in the palisade and send your minions to the palisade, the Necromancer stays out of the camp.
      The minions close the hole in the palisade, so the minions and the palisade block the orcs and the Necromancer is safe,
      the only, what you have to do, is to summon new minions.
      When you go to the Orc Camp, you should use:
      1. Dead Raising Tier 10
      2. Hell Summon Tier 1
      3. Minion Magic Tier 1
      4. Cursed Poison Tier 2
      5. Dark Ritual Tier 1 or Cursed Poison Tier 3
      6. Improved Summoning Tier 1 or Cursed Poison Tier 4
      Be careful, that no enemies are in your back, summon minions and close the palisade.

      Then later when my Necromancer was level 30, I soloed the Naga Queen and the Elemental Dragon.
      The only trick is, that you prevent, that the boss attacks your Necromancer, keep it at arm's length.
      There are two builds, which you can use
      __ First: _______________________ or ___ Second:
      1. Dead Raising Tier 10 _________ or ___ Dead Raising Tier 10
      2. Hell Summon Tier 1 _________ or ___ Hell Summon Tier 1
      3. Minion Magic Tier 10 ________ or ___ Minion Magic Tier 6
      4. Cursed Poison Tier 8 _________ or ___ Cursed Poison Tier 1
      5. Dark Ritual Tier 1 ___________ or ___ Dark Ritual Tier 10
      6. Improved Summoning Tier 1 ___ or ___ Improved Summoning Tier 1
      The first is better for leveling up and killing common enemies and the second is little better for killing bosses maybe,
      because Cursed Poison only damage a little bit the boss, but you do not get new Butchers, because the boss do not die.
      So when you use the first build, before you attack the boss, summon a big army 4-5 Skeleton Warriors + 3-4 Butcher
      and throw them in the battle.
      Do not wait till your minions die, use every spell all the time, that is the prime idea, you damage with Minion Magic and stun,
      so you Minion incur less damage, survive longer and can attack the boss.

      Do not forget everything is timing, when use all spells fast one after the other, then you do much damage and stun the boss for a time,
      and Azura for example cannot heal itself so fast.
      When you lost all your minions and the boss begins to attack the Necromancer run away, summon a new big army and start a new attack.

      The second build, at first also summon a big army and try to get 2-3 Skeleton Mages.
      Then start the attack, you must also use every spell all the time, to stun and damage, but as soon as you got a Skeleton Mage use its spells 1000+500 damage,
      and Medite is very fast down, Azura you cannot kill fast, if you cannot damage it fast and strong enough,
      play for time, when azure is out of mana, the intervals are longer between the heals.
      When you would like to kill the Broodmother and Earth Guardian, you need a little bit higher level, but I could also solo them with the "Pure Summoner"!

      If you want to play the "Pure Summoner", when you reached level 70, you have every ability tier 10,
      I can recommand these items:
      1. Serpentine Mace
      2. Magu's Defender
      3. Dominators' Gloves
      4. Armor of pure Magic
      5. Arch Mage Ring
      6. The Creator's Eye
      When you have learned, how you can totally abuse the abilities of the "Pure Summoner",
      it is so f***ing awesome to play him :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :!: :!: :!:

    2. "The Punching Bag"DamageDealer, Supporter and Tank
      Later, circa level 54 or when you want to go to Askatar, I prefer the "Punching Bag"/Supporter,
      he is much stronger in Askatar and in pvp fights than the "Pure Summoner" and I could kill Askalor with him alone.
      The prime idea is, that he let himself attack, so his Toxic Bodyguard can slow and damage the enemies.
      All his abilities, items and the way of playing him has the target to weaken his enemies, that is the reason,
      why he is a great damage deal and why he can tank, of course he is also a greate Supporter in a team.
      If you do it as me and use the "Punching Bag" later, you should have no problem, because you can start with the most abilities on tier 10.
      But if you want to start with him, then at beginning you should use some attribute-points for strength and wear some items,
      which increase your healthpoints, healthpoints-regeneration and armor,
      and of course you need many health-potions, if you do not want to die all the time:
      At the end you can get back the attribute-points and use for intelligence.
      In general it is better the most time, when you upgrade a spell/skill to tier 10, before you learn a new one.
      1. Poison Nova
      2. Toxic Bodyguard
      3. Life Drain
      4. Cursed Life
      5. Disease
      6. Flag of Gloom
      He can easily kill Dragonis, just ignore his minions, they die fast, when they attack you and you use Life Drain or Disease,
      that is why I describe a fight against Pit Robot, that is much harder.
      When you want to attack the Pit Robot, you cannot see him, because he is a plateau over you, that is bad,
      because before you attack, you can use the most of your spell to improve you and weaken him,
      but there are a trick, use Flag of Gloom and place it on the brink of the ramp to the plateau of the Pit Robot.
      Now you can see him and place Life Drain and Disease, you know where the Pit Robot stand I know,
      but if you use blind for example Disease in the fog of war, it has no effect on the Pit Robot,
      ok now you can attack him, ignore the golems, only attack the Pit Robot and heal yourself with Cursed Life, Best-Health-Potion and Döner,
      before you die run away, heal you.
      The Pit Robot and his golems will follow you, you can use the Rocket Launcher to stun him, you can also use it before you start the attack,
      if the golem follow you, try to kill them, after short distance the Pit Robot will return and also the golems,
      just attack them, then they attack you again and you can kill them fast.
      Do that 2-3 times and the Pit Robot is down.
      I can recommand these items:
      1. I prefer the Serpentine Mace, because I want the spell-damage and heal-spell bonus, but if you want to be a greater DamageDealer you should use the Lightsaber, because of the critical attack.
      2. Mastery Shield, because the idea is, that the "Punshing Bag" let himself attack and the Mastery Shield has spike armor
      3. Dominators' Gloves
      4. Armor of pure Magic
      5. Arch Mage Ring or Champion's Belt, Champion's Belt could be better for you, if you have not the perfect timing to heal you, Champion's Belt gives you more health-points and little attackspeed bonus, but I prefered again^^ the damage- and heal-spell boni of the Arch Mage Ring
      6. The Creator's Eye
      In my Minipet, of course I had items, which also support the prime idea:
      1. Black Belt
      2. Shirt of the Seraph
      3. Shirt of the Necromancer
      4. Shirt of the Assassin
      5. Rocket Launcher
      6. Best-Health-Potion (4) and to use Döners, you must drop one of the other items
      What he does to a great DamageDealer and Tank are his abilities, which weaken his enemies and improves himself,
      so excessively use them and you will have much fun :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :!: :!: :!:

    3. "The General" Supporter, DamageDealer and Tank
      I think that is the typical way, how the most people want to play the Necromancer.
      The "General" of the Undeads, in opposite to the "Pure Summoner", which only burns out his minions and use them as canon fodder,
      the "General" leads and supports his army!
      That is why he use these spells:
      1. Dead Raising or Cursed Poison
      2. Hell Summon or Cursed Poison or Dark Ritual
      3. Disease
      4. Life Drain
      5. Cursed Life
      6. Flag of Gloom
      The "General" has not that big army as the "Pure Summoner", but he takes care of his minions,
      so they survive longer and can also tank excellent and damage your enemies.
      Heal your minions, do not let them die, use Life Drain and Flag of Gloom to increase your minions and use Disease to slow down the attack-speed
      of your enemies and decrease the damage, that also helps your minions to survive longer.
      If you use Hell Summon, Cursed Poison or Dark Ritual do not forget to use the skills/spells of their minions!

      If you want to play him, when you reached level 70, I would recommand these items:
      1. Serpentine Mace
      2. Magu's Defender
      3. Dominators' Gloves
      4. Armor of pure Magic
      5. Arch Mage Ring
      6. The Creator's Eye
      When you play him, you can also have a lof of fun :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :!: :!: :!:

    4. "The (I have no name for this build^^, if you would like you can invent one!" Supporter, DamageDealer
      He is a kind "Punshing Bag" for noobs :D, do not understand me wrong, it is no build for noobs
      and the concept is not the same as the concept of the "Punshing Bug", but the most spells are the same.
      1. Dead Raising
      2. Poison Nova
      3. Life Drain
      4. Cursed Life
      5. Disease
      6. Flag of Gloom
      The prime idea is the same as of the "Punshing Bag", the " ... " also enters the fray,
      but the disadvantage of the "Punshing Bag" was, he is the only unit, which the enemies can attack, so he is a true victim^^,
      do not forget, that is the prime idea of the "Punshing Bag", that is his great advantage and sad disadvantage,
      you could say boon and bane.
      Ok back to the " ... ", the " ... " use the Skeleton Warriors as shield, shield does not mean, you hide behind them as the "Pure Summoner" or the "General",
      it means there are more units, which the enemies can attack and the " ... " is also in the middle of battle and fights.
      By the way you most efficiently use Poison Nova, when you are in the middle and the enemies have surrounded you.

      If you want to play him, when you reached level 70, I would recommand these items:
      1. Serpentine Mace or Lightsaber
      2. Mastery Shield or Magu's Defender
      3. Dominators' Gloves
      4. Armor of pure Magic
      5. Arch Mage Ring or Champion's Belt
      6. The Creator's Eye
      If you want to play the build of the "Punshing Bag", but it is too hard for you, because he must suffer the whole damage of the enemies,
      play the " ... " and you will have a lof of fun :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :!: :!: :!:

I think I said everything, what I have a say and know about the Necromancer,
maybe some little completions.
If you find something, what is wrong or what I forgot, if you know something, what I should add the guide,
post your suggestions.

Thank you and now have fun
and play the Necromancer :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :!: :!: :!:

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